A Bit About Me

My name is David and I am an Engineer

Okay, I am not going to get away with just that on an ‘about me’ page, but it pays to be brief sometimes.

I live and work in Birmingham (UK), and have been practising as a structural engineer since I left university in 1995. I am a Chartered Structural Engineer, and a Certified Passivhaus Designer, with all of my career working on the design side of various sorts of building projects. After about 15 years as a structural engineer, I think I am getting the hang of that bit now, and have the alphabet soup after my name to prove it – you know, BEng (Hons) MSc CEng MIStructE. My journey into Passivhaus is a more recent phenomenon, having sat and passed the CPHD exam in March 2013. You can get a flavour of my professional background on my Linked In page here.

I am also active on Twitter in a personal capacity, and if you like you can follow me there too.

This blog is going to be a place to share what is going on in my life as an engineer. So please, do not take it as the official word on anything without checking with me first. However, there is a fair bit I am looking at – for example, I continuing my work at the Birmingham office for Thomasons by expanding our Passivhaus services whilst also ensuring I remain an active engineer.

As well as that, I am also taking on a part-time role at the Birmingham School of Architecture to provide structural engineering input into their Technology curriculum for the BA(Hons) and M.Arch Architecture degree programmes.

In terms of where I am from in my career, I have worked for a few engineering consultancies, except for a couple of stints on site secondments to learn what goes on in the real world of construction. My CV has a few company names that might be familiar to others in my field working in the UK. I did learn a heck of a lot from each one, but I am very happy to have found my way representing Thomasons – as I’d say they are all good people and a fine bunch of engineers too.

On the personal side of things, my life…   …hang on, you did read the first sentence? So as you will know, I am not allowed one of those ‘life’ things. My ‘non engineering time’ is spent with my two cats and an unending desire to find and drink another coffee. That’s all I’ll say on this blog, anyway…


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